I can’t perform a handstand. Is this course for me?

Our course is suitable for all levels. We start with the basics and increase the difficulty and complexity each episode.


Will I be able to perform a handstand at the end of the series?

If you follow our episodes, read our book and complete our workouts we are fairly certain that you will be inverted.


How long will it take for me to hold a freestanding handstand?

We expect it to take about 8-12 weeks before you can hold your handstand. With that said, you could be holding a handstand in a month or 6 months depending on what you bring to the table (former acrobat for the former and couch potato for the latter)


What if I don’t like the course?

Just let us know what was wrong and we will refund your money.


How do I share my account with five of my friends?

Just share your login and password with your handstand buddies.


How long are the videos in the course?

We shot fifteen hours over three days and edited each episode to include only the best parts. Each episode runs 6-10mins, each with ‘Game-Changer’ slides of the most important stuff to takeaway.


How many pages are in the book?

The book is 50-pages long. Each episode has a corresponding chapter with the exercise science, motor learning strategies and exercise instructionals.


Do I need to read the book?

No, we made it because we thought you loved nerding out over handstands as much as we did. Busy? Just skip to the picture section